Is heat your barrier to hiking?

waterfall, rock bridge, red river gorge, places to cool off
Rock Bridge in Eastern Kentucky provides a cooling feature that helps hikers make it through hot-weather hiking.

If heat is a barrier to hiking, pick a hiking trail that has a cooling feature. This is Rock Bridge at Red River Gorge in Eastern Kentucky. As you descend down the windy trail, the temperature drops. Once at the bottom, it’s a playground of refreshing water to cool you off for the hike back up.
Other ways to stay cool while hiking:

  • Start early. Mornings are cooler.
  • Wear loose, moisture-wicking clothes.
  • Wet a bandana or buff to wear around your neck.
  • In fact, drench yourself with water.
  • Protect your skin from the sun’s UV.
  • Drink up a lot. Stay hydrated.
  • Stop and snack often.
  • Last but most importantly, learn the signs of heatstroke.

The good folks at REI have more hot-weather hiking tips.

REI also happens to have some nifty hydrating tips.

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